Blaze Farm

Blaze Farm, accessed via rail after traveling through the CCA Nether Portal


What appears simplistic from within disguises the most complex redstone system in Minecraftia. A captured Blaze spawner is surrounded by shelves for Blazes to spawn upon, and those shelves have pressure plates on them, which when triggered push the Blazes all the way down multiple levels to the kill window. When the player presses button 1, pistons block new Blazes from dropping into the kill window while more pistons crush the Blazes already waiting. This is timed specifically to avoid killing these mobs so that the player can do so him or herself in order to collect experience. Button 2 will unblock the Blazes so they can continue to fall into the kill window.

A chest is located to the left of the kill window. This is meant for extra blaze rods, though players should remember to move these to the CC for the purposes of fuel or crafting.


The Blaze Farm was one of the earliest projects in Misericordia, having been constructed in early October 2012.  This experience farm sits partially above an unseen sea of lava, which combined with the hazards of Ghasts resulted in this project taking approximately 5 hours to complete.