Tree Farms

Tree Farms, as seen from outside of the Vegetable Farms.


The tallest building in the CCA by far, the Tree Farms building houses oak, spruce, and birch trees.  Jungle trees have been omitted due to their size, though this might change in the future if basement expansion seems warranted.


The Tree Farms building was added in November 2012.  It replaces the original Oak Tree Farm that was once located directly across from the Community Center before the hill rises up to where the current farms are located.


The building was originally two to three blocks lower than it is now because there was once a depression where it's built.  This made the entryway awkward since the path seen in the picture was always at that level, but the player had to walk down stairs to reach the cramped entryway.  This whole structure was raised with WorldEdit in mid-December 2012, one of the few times this plugin has been used on the server.