Community Center

Front view of the Community Center.


As the heart of the CCA, you’ll find surplus items of every kind, as well as furnaces, crafting tables, brewing stands, storage, and an enchantment table all within the Community Center (CC) itself.  Barracks, the Overworld Train Station, and the CCA Nether Portal are also here.

Players are welcome to make use of the resources located here but should make sure to periodically replenish the stores.


The original CC was a hollowed side of the mountain directly across the courtyard from the entrance of the new center.  It had a half dozen chest, eight furnaces, a crafting table, and an enchanment/brewing area.  In addition, it also housed the entrance to what it now the Old Mine as well as an automated wheat farm.

The original CC's quarters were tight, so using resources from the few oak trees nearby, as well as from the largest spruce forest past the mountain, michaelericbrown built a multi-level building with specific areas for each task a player might want to peform while in the CC in August 2012.  Farms were moved to their own buildings and were greatly enlarged in scope.


The main access is through a double-door entryway, which is opened either with a button from the outside, or from pressure plates on the inside.  Redstone wiring is concealed below ground to ensure both doors always open regardless of which mechanism is used to open the door.

Once inside, the ground-level north (left) wing contains 16 furnaces, all powered by blaze rods.  Surrounding those furances are multiple crafting tables and several chests each labled to hold different items.

The ground-level south (right) wing contains an enchanting table, surrounded by the requisite bookcases for max level, as well as a counter full of several brewing stands.  There are chests on this side for potioncraft as well as for already brewed potions.

Upstairs, the second-level north wing is a viewing deck with a glass floor and glass ceiling.  Monument Island is viewable from here.  This area may be transformed into something more practical as Minecraft evolves.

In the second-level south wing are barracks, with eight beds should players ever need to gather and pass the night with one another.

Heading downstairs to basement-one is the Overworld Train Station, with railways to each of the major homes in the vicinity of the CCA.  Near the staircase is a trash disposal.

Further down in basement-two is the CCA Nether Portal, which connects with the Nether Train Station.


During the initial construction of the current CC, a Creeper spawned in the second-level north wing and destroyed most of it. michaelericbrown has sinced vowed to kill all Creepers he sees.