Franco Dell'aglio is a supporting character and a minor antagonist in Misericordia.

Personality Edit

Franco is a shy kid, at the begining, was extremely serious and quiet, with a less impulsive personality than Luis, but he was progressed to speak more in the shool, from having Luis as a unique friend, to have another 5 friends in a bit time. Franco was Edgar's replacement after Edgar leaves the school, sharing desk with Luis.

Appearance Edit

Franco is a timid, stocky, brown-haired kid. He wears attire identical to that of Luis Mamani, with the addition of numerous scratches and hits, he wears a pair of black safety lab goggles, atough in Misericordia's Racing and an early concept art, he wears a pair of circled silver goggles with a small, cybernetic eye on the left side, this beign the result of a near fatal accident on wich the back of his head where burned in an accident on his factory, he single-handedly reconstructed his goggles as a life-support system, adding also a cybernetic eye on the left side, who can help him to construct his weapons. Also his head was modified to support the mechanic goggles directly connected to his brain through his ears, his left eye was injuried in the process, and if Franco turns his goggles off, his left eye inmediatly closes.

Trivia Edit

  • Aylen was his first friend formerly.
  • The cybernetic eye on Franco's goggles is aware, and most of the time, can be seen blinking or moving.
  • The right side of Franco's head bears a strikly resemblance to the character Dexter from the Cartoon Network show Dexter's Laboratory. Even his personality is a lot like Dexter's.
    DrDellaglioandFrancoDellagliobyxenos - copia

    Early concept art for F. Dell'aglio.

  • He loves trigge cereal.
  • The name "Franco" is a pun for the greece word "Fakós" that means "Glasses".
  • If one compares Franco's design of the old games with that of the Sierra, his cyber eye seems to be angry all the time, since he is seen static red in mind without changing color, this is a possible explanation why He went crazy, because with so much stress he could have gone mad.
  • Another possible explanation for his insanity is that at one point Willy - Tag Racing Champion one of Franco's lines when talking to him is "Oh, I'm sick of seeing you and hearing you win always, I have enough with what makes me see and Listening to my cyber eye, "claiming that his cyber eye makes him see visions and hear things, and by having these experiences often his sanity may have been declining successively.

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