Luis Mamani is the main antagonist in Misericordia.

Personality Edit

He is a very self-condiscious, some times aggresive, but pasific and tolerable 18-year old boy. His best friend was Edgar Maldonado, until his separation from the school, he was replaced by Franco Dell'aglio.

Appearance Edit

Luis is a fatty, short-statured 18 year old kid with a few pimples and mudholes on the face, with brownish skin and huge eyes. His disctinctive detail is his hair, strange hairstyle and rock form at the same time.

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown from where Luis knows Edgar and Franco.
  • Luis's favourite class in gym.
  • At the beginning, he was a very more loud boy who never shut up, but, as the time progress, he was adquiered a more pasive-like personality.
  • In most classes, he had a bully personality
  • One of his favorite weapons is his Ray-Gun 5000.
  • Athoug he is the main villains and finall boss in most of the games, the bosses that comes before him are harder than him.
  • Luis Mamani in real life is kinda a bully but there isn't that really only had certains attitudes of a bully.

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