Nahuel Maas is a supporting character and a minor antagonist on Misericordia game series.

Personality Edit

He is a pasive, relax-kinda kid who loves play C-S with Robert, Nahuel Medina, Ernesto and Franco Dell'aglio, he likes PC games only, not console games and is a great fan of geek-like thing, such as TV shows, comics, movies, expo, etc....Also, like Franco, has a loving for technological things and is a good student.

Appearance Edit

He wears the school's jacket most of the time and white shoes, he has plane hair, that's why his nickname in the school is "The Bald One".

Trivia Edit

  • Nahuelmaascartoon

    Nahuel Maas's Cartoon

    He and Franco plays more C-S than any other kid, and Franco quickly known how to play.
  • Maas is from Germany origin, like Franco Dell'aglio who is Italian descendent.
  • In most of the time he didn't act as an antagonist, he does not even has more major roles anytime, like Nahuel Medina, Franco Dell'aglio, Robert Casta and other supporting characters.

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