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Willy Blinsanity is a video game in the Misericordia series. It was released in North America on 1 October 2004, and is the fifth game that is not a spin-off. The story is set three years after the events of Willy Randall: The Wrath of Mamani, where Luis Mamani and Meko were left stranded in the Antarctic sea. In this game, N. Sanity Island comes under threat by a sinister duo called The Evil Twins, forcing Willy Randall to reluctantly team up with his arch nemesis Luis Mamani, who the twins seem to hold malice against, but why? Where did they come from? Can the Randall and mad scientist solve the Evil Twins true identity and save their world from destruction before they destroy each other? There are four playable characters: Willy Randall, Luis Mamani (sometimes both at the same time), Mamani's niece, Araceli Mamani and Mecha-Randall during the final boss battle.

Controls Edit

General Edit

Left Analog Stick: Move

Right Analogue Stick: Control Camera

R1, R2, L1, L2 Buttons: Center Camera

Triangle Button: View Inventory

Willy Randall Edit

X Button: Jump, press again to Double Jump

Square Button: Spin

Circle Button: Crouch, hold and move to Crawl, press when moving to Knee Slide

X and Circle Buttons: Body Slam

Circle and X Buttons: When moving to Slide Jump

Luis Mamani Edit

Square Button: Fire Ray Gun, hold to Charge-Up and then release

X Button: Jump

Circle Button: Crouch, hold and move to Crawl, press when moving to Body Slide

X and Circle Buttons: Radial Blast

R1 and L1 Buttons: Strafe

Araceli Mamani Edit

Circle Button: Punch/Wall Reel

X Button: Jump

Square Button: Spin

X and Circle Buttons: Jump Punch/Wall Reel

Willy & Mamani Edit

Square Button: Spin

Circle Button: Twin Slam

X Button: Jump

Square and Circle Buttons: Twin Spin

X and Circle Buttons: Twin Throw

Mecha-Randall Edit

Square Button: Tap to fire Missiles, hold and release to fire Plasma

X Button: Jump

Luis Skate Edit

Circle Button: Speed Up

X Button: Jump

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